Forum Thread: How to Install Metasploit on Android with 1 Single Command - Termux Pentesting Tutorial

Hi what's up guys today I'll be showing you how to install Metasploit on any Android smartphone with 1 single command with the help of an app called Termux.

First of all download Termux from playstore or from this direct link.
After that install and open the Termux app.
When you open the app for the first time there will be an installation inside the app itself so wait for it to finish.
Once it's finished installing copy and paste the command below to the Termux app.

pkg upgrade && pkg install git && pkg install curl && pkg install wget && pkg install nmap && curl -LO && chmod 777 && ./

It should look like this:

Then tap on the enter button and the installation of Metasploit will start.
The installation will say something like 'Do you want to continue (y/n)?'
Just type y and enter.
The installation does ask this quite a few times.

So supervise the installation and it would take around 10-15min for installation. Depends on your internet speed and processing power

If you didn't understand the text Tutorial then watch my video.

Enjoy and if any error occurred or any doubts just comment down below??

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