Forum Thread: How to Install Meterpreter Using EXE


This is my first post to Null Byte. I want to know how I would install Meterpreter using an executable on a Windows machine if I had direct access to the machine to install a file. I'm testing this out on VMs and cannot get it working. I'm using the following link.

I'm not sure what I'm missing. I can generate the executable, fire up the multi handler listener but it never connects. On the Windows 7 machine i don't have antivirus installed, when i double click the executable nothing noticeable happens on windows or Kali. From the windows machine i can ping kali and get a response so it appears they can communicate.

I'm not sure if i have the settings correct for the "LHOST". LHOST should be the IP of the Kali box, correct?

Thanks in advance, i have spent hours searching trying to find the answer on how to do this before posting.

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There is a chance that your antivirus or firewall is blocking it. Try running it through veil-evasion, if you choose 44 (ruby reverse_tcp) it will generate an exe and it has worked for me every time

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