Forum Thread: How to Install Qbittorrent in KAli

I've recently downloaded qbittorrent from their official web site extracted it, but don't know which command to run in order to install it!

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use dpkg -i /package name/

but i this is not a '.deb' file extension.

I installed Qbittrorent using apt-get install qbittorrent , Use it if you want to make it easy.
You downloaded the Tar ball ?

this is a source package ,, i read this in the :
### Installation:
For installation, follow the instructions from INSTALL file, but simple:

make && make install

ps : this is the first time i install a source package

yes that works but you may need to specify some directories and download some libraries for you to be able to compile it...

I don't think you want to do all that just for installing qbittorrent.

yep absolutely i deleted the whole stuff, i just want to install a torrent client to download torrent files in kali . how do i do that!

apt-get install qbittorrent will work for you, I already used that yesterday and installed qbittorrent too :)

E: Unable to locate package qbittorrent

Im getting this error if I use apt-get install qbittorrent

E: Unable to locate package qbittorrent

look at your sources file at:
it should be like this(if you have kali 2.0 sana):

deb sana main contrib non-deb-src sana main contrib non-free
deb sana/updates main contrib non-free
deb-src sana/updates main contrib non-free
deb all main

no i have the rolling !!!

I made a video tutorial on how to install this for more watch the :-

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