Forum Thread: How to Install Wireless Card on Kali 2.0?

Alright, i got everything up and running in VB, i set the internet settings as Bridged. But to use apps like aircrack-ng, i need a wireless card on Kali. Anyone please help me how to install these? Btw i use Macbook Air.

Thanks in advance.

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hmm i remeber having this issue couple years ago in backtrack when running on vbox too. il take a lot on my ancien config try remember how i had it fixed, you should try connection as NAT rather then bridge doe (it a ppersonnal pref to me)

You need an external wireless adapter. Virtual Machines do not recognise inbuilt wireless adapters.

In order to utilise aircrack-ng, you need a wireless adapter with specific chipsets, the website should help.

So to recap, you need an external wireless adapter with a chipset in the list provided.


thanks guys, i guess ill go out and buy myself an adapter now...

Make sure it is compatible. I would recommend something like the Alfa AWUSO36NH. Its a bit big but it does a good job. Alfa also has a smaller one that looks like a USB but I don't recall the model number. Look it up on Amazon or their website and just double check that it is compatible with airmon-ng.

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