Forum Thread: I Installed Ubuntu Yesterday and I Cannot Connect to WiFi in Ubuntu and It Only Shows Vpn and Ethernet.feeling Very Tens

Step 1: ubuntu help

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What computer is it installed on?

my computer is dell but i don't know the version

bradley i will try now i have dual booted it with windows 8

I typed ipconfig and it says no command help me plz

*ifconfig, also iwconfig to show interfaces

Maybe ubuntu doesnt has the drivers of your card... so try to search for your card drivers for ubuntu...
You can get info from your card by typing dxdiag in Windows run command...

Have you tried pressing the button that turns the wireless card on and off. Can be on the keyboard or a switch/button on the side somewhere.

the version of my laptop is dell inc model:inspiron 3537

bro I only have internal card i don't have external adapter and i am going to buy it next month

Ok this will solve ur problem

sudo apt-get install linux-headers-generic build-essential


tar xvf compat

cd compat-wireless-3.6.6-1-snpc

sudo su

./scripts/driver-select ath9k


make install

modprobe ath9k


NOTE - The url doesnt have space between wget and the url...I mean wget, single space, then url... enter everything correctly and in the order given!!

bro my friend has taken ethernet cable so i cannot access internet so i will do it tommorow but thank you and i will reply as soon as possible

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