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So i would like to install kali on my laptop using a USB but i do not want it deleting my windows 10 and the programmes on my hard drive

So how would i go about booting kali on usb and only usb without it having a affect on my hard drive
Also is there a way to backup everything on the hard drive(microsoft and the os)

Finally what happen to OTW?

thank you for any responses

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Download Kali as an ISO. Use Rufus to create a Bootable USB flash drive. Booting off a USB will have no effect on the hard drive.

OTW is no longer on this site. His contract was not renewed by management. He does have a new home. His Twitter page will tell you the new site, not sure if I can post it here so you can look for yourself.

I was actually able to dual-boot Kali and Windows 10 without any third party software. You just need to create the Kali partition from the Windows disk manager, then select the new partition during the Kali installation.

Hello, I´d like to know if it is posible to actually use an SD card as an HDD and run Kali from there? So that Kali stores everything on the SD card and not on the HDD (as it is a 64GB emmc, I dont really want to partition it).

Is there any way to achieve this?

Any help is welcome. Thanks!

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