Forum Thread: Installing Kali on an eMMC


I recently bought a netbook. When I try running Kali on it, it scrolls through some text quickly, then keeps throwing error messages every few seconds, this is one of them:

11.376793 Buffer I/O error on device mmcblk0rpmb, logical block 1008

It seems that Kali is trying to access a write protected area on the drive, and instead of skipping it, it tries to access it continuously.

I found a solution here, but it involves applying a kernel patch - how can I include the patch in an ISO?


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How exactly are you trying to boot / install kali (from what device to what device ?) My old netbook for example can boot fine from usb but can't boot with mmc slot.

Have you tried the forensic mode ?


The other, equally important, change is that auto-mounting of removable media is disabled. USB thumb drives, CDs, and the like will not be auto-mounted when inserted.

I'm trying to boot into kali live using a USB stick. The stick works on my second computer with a normal HDD.

I'll try forensics mode and report back.

E: Nope, didn't work.

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