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so, not too long ago, i saw a post where we could introduce ourselves, but it was missing some good questions. so here, i'm going to ask those questions! also, feel free to not answer to a question if you don't want to!

i will answer for me on the go.

How did you discover null-byte? basically, i was browsing the web for how 0-day exploits were developed, and then i came accross this article. i found the article so good and informative, that i decided to stick around here and read the other articles too. 7 months later, i finally got my invitation email and joined this community!

What are your favourite types of hacks? i love hacking in general, but i am especially passionated with exploit development, reverse engineering, MITM attacks, and social engineering.

Have you ever developed a zero day? no, but i am currently researching possible vulnerable software.

What was your greatest achievement? A friend of mine asked me to check the FTP server of his father's company for any bugs. I could enter the FTP server with anonymous read access, and there was a password list, which included the SSH server password, which gave me full read/write access to the system.

and finally, why did you start hacking in the first place? i am terrible at math, which led to people thinking i was dumb. when i found out i had a talent for computers, i focused on it so much so i could prove everyone wrong. and i did this, by studying hacking.


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i like the part of this "What was your greatest achievement?" ^^ keep it up Phoenix

it was mostly just luck that hit me :). i am looking forward to see the greatest achievements of the entire community as they response to this "Introduce yourselves!"

I basically wanted to become a script kiddie after the LizardSquad DDOS attacks. After reading some articles I got really interested in every aspect of hacking. Haven't really done much so the rest of the questions I can't answer.

How did you discover Null Byte?

While made googling about hacking, Null Byte is always there in the first page, it's impossibile to not notice the charateristic format.

What are your favorite types of hacks?
The ones at the very bottom level that work like magic. The ones you can't see but are there.

What was your greates achivement?
Every step further and every limit outrepassed feels like the greatest step.

Why did you start hacking in the first place?
Curiosity killed the cat.

How did you discover Null Byte?

Was hitch hiking one day saw a post on WiFi that had some incorrect info and thought I should patch it and stop the flood of comments.

What are your favorite types of hacks?

The ones you pass out in bit torrent game cracks and the false positive rhetoric makes it spread like wild fire. Thanks to the smart people of p*rate b*y(s).

What was your greatest achievement?
Waking up everyday.

Why did you start hacking in the first place?
What is hacking?

What a hopeful life you got there.

Waking up is a huge achievement. ;-) The rest of the day and what is accomplished is a bonus.

*assume this is removed :D*

i read it. don't be ashamed man, it was quite a nice story.

and yes, you should thank her ;)


Thanks, your story is really nice too, and I'll get to it soon :D

Uh, it's sad to see a comment gone like that.
Also, mostly thank you and your will, and those who taught you.

You do have a point Ciuffy, thank you everyone at Null-Byte too :D

how did you discover null byte?

I had a passion for computers, and people relied on me when I was in middle school for knowledge on computers. At that times I guess I knew the essentials - Operating systems, writing code, how to build a computer, networking, etc. But one day, one of teacher's computer was not able to access a video we were going to watch as part of an assignment. People looked at me for help, and I felt really stupid because I didn't know anything. So I went home, and tried to learn hacking. I first wanted to learn how to hack wifi, which was something every pentester seems to teach first, so I searched up how to hack wifi and found null byte as a result.

What are your favorite types of hacks

I guess social engineering is quite fun to do, seeing how you can get your friends to anything for you as long as there is a reason for it. I also like RATs.

What was your biggest achievement?
Gaining root of the school's network.

Why did you start hacking in the first place?
Because a man by the name of occupytheweb came to me as I was training with Master Yoda and told me to.

How did you first discover null byte?
I whipped my PC across the room and null byte came up on my cracked screen.

What are your favorite type of hacks?
I like the hack that asks me for my root password and I get root acce.... oh.

What is your greatest achievement?
DD'ing the contents of my memory through a usb built into me into my hard drive. It was less than 1 kilobyte.

Why did you start hacking in the first place?

A computer doesn't talk back, it complies and does what you want. Well, unless there's an error. Computers are a puzzle and a game. You spend your time in them, learning them inside out being able to do new things each day.

The game comes when you have enough knowledge were you can pwn others (legally) with the knowledge you have. Does anybody else feel in there element when it's nothing but them and the terminal, with the clicking of keys?

I currently do not have enough puzzle solved, the game will come when it's time.

using the tool dd to copy the contents from the usb to the hard drive. Which is completely useless seeming it would get rid of everything, but that's what an idea from 1AM gives you.

guys i am new here and new on everything ,, please somebody tell me whats the meaning of ( 0-day ) ?

A 0-day is an exploit that has never been seen in the wild yet. Like the other day with the hacking team company. Three exploits that have never been seen before were leaked out.

oh, thanks for the info , very much. now i know about it
thank you again

I discovered NullByte with a search on the web. I'm a software engineer but I have no background in hacking, security or forensics. I'm interested in security and learning more. I haven't developed anything but who knows what the future holds.

How did you first discover null byte?

It was just there on my Google+ page. I hardly ever use G+ and I'm not sure how I got to Null-Byte. Guess its related to some Linux searches I did.

What are your favorite type of hacks?
Can't answer that yet; I'm as green as can get when it comes to hacking.

What is your greatest achievement?

Same as above. Don't believe I ever hacked any computersytem. Using some simple WHOIS records I was able to trace who fraped my FB page once which they thought was me 'hacking' to find out who they were. Too bad they used office computers registered to the company itself...

Why did you -want to- start hacking in the first place?

I want to start hacking to better understand the risks I am exposed to as a regular user of the interwebs. Furthermore I like puzzles and being able to bypass systems. A physical example of this is my recently bought lock picking set. It is difficult as hell to learn but that first time a lock actually opens because you're poking at it gave such satisfaction!

As a teenager I liked writing up HTML for school projects and I still want to learn to code some more.

On my (now stolen) laptop I recently installed Linux and immdiately noticed I have so limited knowledge of even siomple command line instructions that I want to dive into it all and see if I can get myself a new hobby here!

Love reading the articles here and I hope to find some good starting points!

I'm brand new here, although I've used the articles on NullByte as references for quite awhile, I finally decided to join. When someone thinks about a career and says to themselves "wow, I'd love to be a doctor/lawyer/etc, that'd be so bad ass!!", mine was always hacker. I have been studying on my own for about a year and a half. When I started it was just something I was interested in, but the more I learned, the more I wanted to learn. Now I am serious about turning it into a career and am preparing myself for CEH. Look forward to learning from you all!

Hi I'm Leo, I'm pretty new to the site. You may have seen me comment on a few posts here and there. I work in the IT Security Field, I have been using computers for a long time now and I am only just entering the hacking field. I just want to say I love the site and you all are always teaching me new things. I wish I could contribute but my knowledge is limited still.

How did you discover Null Byte?
Using Google to search for a way to do something and was taken to OTW's post. (Cant remember which one)

What are your favourite types of hacks?
Social Engineering as they are fun.

What was your greatest achievement?
Getting root on a friends machine, and taking a screenshot for proof. (I had his permission).

Why did you start hacking in the first place?

A friend hacked me a long time ago to introduce me to the topic. I played around for a bit and then put it aside because when I started learning it wasn't much of a career option as it appears to be now. I picked up the training again and am very much a novice with it.

1. How did you discover null-byte?
Can't remember exactly by probably on the web looking for wifi hacks and obviously came here, been on ever since :P

2. What are your favourite types of hacks?
Social engineering and anything hardware.

3. What was your greatest achievement?

Not much yet but I'm hoping to start developing a few things like a RAT and finishing my Bruteforce module, since now I have a bit more time.

4. Why did you start hacking in the first place?

Always good at computers, which was a start. Got into programming when I was game hacking old flash games. Accidently came across the Hackers Manifesto recently, did some research and fell in love <3


Kinda late here but anyways...

1) How did you discover Null Byte?
Read #5

2) What are your favorite types of hacks?
Social Engineering. Hands down my favorite. I like the feeling I get when I successfully manipulate someone.

3) Have you ever developed a 0day?

No, but recently, I've been getting into developing shellcode so I can have my own payloads. (created a payload to change the /etc/shadow file's permissions)

4) What was your greatest achievement?
Probably defacing my school's website.

5) Why did you start hacking in the first place?

Well, taking from one of poppedkernal's answers, Computers don't talk back, so I make a script that utilized speech recognition and could talk back. The script would execute system commands for me just by speaking and if it didn't know what to do, it would ask me for instructions on how to do it... Sorta like AI. But after I made it, I realized that coding is powerful and started looking up tutorials for coding and found this website.

1) How did you discover Null Byte?
I discovered this site after going through all tutorials on XeusHacking.
I surfed for hours, finally finding this site. I gave It a try, and kept doing it.
2)What are your favorite types of hacks?

Social engineering, and Client side attacks, because Client side does not require you to know a bunch of stuff about the target, and Social Engineering, for that reason and that I LOVE tricking People.

3)Have you ever developed a 0-Day?
Not yet.
4)What was your greatest achievement?

Saving the world from a secret nuclear launch in Iran. (L0L) Really, my best achievement is being my age, and still being able to learn all this.

5)Why did you start hacking in the first place?

First Off, I love programming and thought it would be fun. Second, back in my Script Kiddie days I lied that I was A hacker, and felt bad, So started For real. Third, I Have never heard of a hacker my age. Fourth, I wanted to brag. Fifth, My dad Writes C++. Finally, I wanted to do more than make Minecraft mods, Such as the Jurassic Age mod, and Unity games, Such as Octopong (W.I.P).

1) I don't remember.
2) I like the physical and abstract ones.
3) Never considered.
4) To have survived the world so far.
5) It is a good dynamic field and I like technology.

-The Joker

Well, I have something better. Disclaimer: None of it will be true to me, but this is what I guess the real Joker'd say.

1) One day, while I was laughing maniacally, I noticed that my laugh was in certain patterns. Decoding them, I received a URL of Null Byte.

2) Still, I like the physical and abstract ones.
3) You mean, other than death and my perfect sense of manipulation?
4) To have become Emperor Joker once. What a great time that was! Did I tell how I got these scars?
5) I realised you could have more fun in cyber space than in reality.

-The Joker

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