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Hello, My fellow Cyber Geeks
Today, I'm going to be Introducing myself, and telling you a little about myself.
My Alias, As some might find odd is Kudus, But you can call me Kudo.

Before i go on, This is the first time i've ever actually spoken about this, aswell as my first article. So try to judge lightly, if at all.

I'm currently in High School, And have become very fond of Cyber Security and System Vulnerabilites/Exploits in the last year, Now No. I'm not that intelligent in the area, I Don't know much, But i have been studying and trying my hardest, Hence why i have come to nullbyte, to utilize the amount of information to further my Intellect and knowledge around the area.

How I Got Into Cyber Security

I Was just an average kid, who just happened to love playing Call Of Duty, I Was a 'Trickshotter' As most call it, Now before you start tyrannizing me, This was a long time ago, I quit all of that a while ago, And by all of that i mean gaming in general. Now as a Trickshotter, i was always joining up with people and speaking to new people each and every day, And over the time i had been introduced to people that were the type to play competitive, than hit off the hosts 'Home Connection' With DDOS Attacks.

Now as any 13 year old might be, I Was quite interested and wondered how someone may do such a thing, I Had started to speak to him on a daily basis, And asking him about these things while searching about as well. He Taught me all about it, And even how to avoid it, which was how i was introduced to VPN's/ Virtual Private Networks. Now i never thought much of it, but not long after that i had started using twitter as he and many of his friends like him, Used it massively. Over the year i started to become close with him and his friends, he taught me about numerous things such as DDosing, to Doxing to Anonymity, To exploiting services such as skype and Xbox, I Learnt about social engineering and how skype IP Resolving worked, what tools such as cain & abel were, What IP Addresses were aswell. Just lots of things in general.

Now, before i go on I never did anything like DDosing or Doxing, and once again, this was quite a while ago, so before you treat me like a 'Child' or as some others might say, a 'Skid' This was how i got into Cyber Security.

I Started pondering around, searching up numerous things, such as How virtual private networks, worked. What Onions were and how the onion router worked and such, How DDOS Attacks worked and how they were executed, and over the years i became very interested. I Started searching around on forums such as nullbyte, Started learning about all types of Malicious Attacks, How Anonymity worked, etc. I Was just an average Kid learning about all these types of things, finding out what the internet REALLY was about.


I'm a 16 Year old, going through my Second last year of School, One year away from Graduating. I've had many Alias's, Not because of any particular reason, Mainly because I've left multiple times and come back multiple times, I'm not heard of, I Wouldn't necessarily call my self a 'Hacker' Either, I've just been studying and learning, Pondering around sites. Now, I'm still not that smart around these areas, But i'm proud of how far i've come. I Still get called a Newbie, But i don't mind. I'm happy as myself, Learning as much as i can. Shortly After school, I'm going to be attending college for a Cyber Security Diploma, and many other courses to do with Code, Security, Anonymity and etc.

I Hope to one day, be useful to this world, to be useful to the next generation of Children and Teenages, I Hope to bring awareness of how dangerous the Cyber World Actually is. Now, The reason i started all of this off, Was to make my Older brother Proud. I Wanted to Achieve something, that he could smile about. And honestly, I'm glad i got into Cyber Security, It is honestly the most interesting thing i have ever learnt about, And I hope to learn more. and As i learn more, I Hope to stay around the Nullbyte community, and share my experiences as well of what i have learnt, to help the rest of you learning just like me.

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Im new here too, nice to meet you.

I would like to speak to someone too to get better and learn stuff

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