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Hello all!

I just wanted to introduce myself, and ask some questions:

Hi, I'm Dan, and I'm VERY new to the programming/hacking world. I started a couple months ago, but I haven't done much (I can make a calculator on Python, but that's pretty much it). So my question is: What are some good books/PDF's that I can get walking you through Python a little? I have 2.7.2, if that matters much. Also, as an aspiring programmer/hacker/whatever the term is for noobs, what other languages would it be smart to learn?

Thanks in advance!


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3 Responses

Learning Python, thinkCSpy, and DiveIntoPython are all of the best books for learning Python. I would recommend learning BASH, C/C++, ASM and maybe some Ruby or Java.

You should hop in the IRC :), we program a lot there.

Hi Dan,

Please do check out the IRC - see here for further details.  Also, in regards to eBooks check out BookBoon.  Hundreds of free PDFs to download.  The URL I have given you is the direct link to the IT section where you can find eBooks about computer security, computer programming (e.g. C# and Java) along with articles on operating Ms products from beginner to advanced.  Hope this helps :-)

CBT Nuggets has a great CCNA series that I have made some of our non-network guys in the office watch parts of. The way things are laid out and the way they are narrated are smooth. Even if you have no care of taking the exam and getting the cert the intro portions of the module are a good watch/listen

The above books are good books also, you should look into them. 

tl;dr - lrn some networking too.

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