Forum Thread: iOS Sms Spoofing App

I used too have an iPhone sms spoofing app. I used it for social engineering. I Recently reset my phone and cannot remember the name of this app. It was a paid app that spoofed text messages. I want too say it was called "line in" or "line out" but I have had no luck in searching for it. Wondering if any fellow iPhone users might remember the name. I did purchase texts for the app. Is it possible for me to search for my app that way? Or am I just retarded?

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3 Responses

I know about one called sendrawpdu, it only works on old iOS devices but since you used that already, and unless you updated, that would do.

Thanks. But that's not the one. I have the latest iOS. This was a paid app but it was realy good. I swear it was "line in" or "line out". Just frustrating not remembering

Sms spoofing? I doub it but still...

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