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Hi, I'm a super noobie in regards to hacking so the solution might be pretty simple here. I tried hacking my windows 7 host with a kali virtual machine using a simple guide I found on youtube. It's a client side hack, but when I double clicked the hack file nothing happened on my kali. So then I tried pinging both systems, and pinging windows from kali worked just fine, but I couldn't ping kali from my windows host. So I'm guessing the IP-address is just wrong. I used the "inet addr" under "eth0" after typing the ifconfig command. Is that the right one? Cuz that's the one everyone used in the tutorials I've seen. Anyone know what I could be doing wrong? Thx!

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Hi Chris. In order to get the IP of your host in a VM (Kali linux) you can do the following :

Step 1: Type Ifconfig into the Terminal

Step 2: Find Inet Under Your Wirless Card

eth0 for you.

Step 3: If There Is Nothing There, Go to Network Settings and Change to NAT

I hope this helps. Ask if you need anything else.

Well thats exactly what I did. There was something there, but I couldn't ping that address from my windows host. And I'd like to know why.

  • What is your kali IP ?
  • Same question for your windows

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