Forum Thread: Ip Hack

is there any way to hack remote windows pc if i know the ip and open ports in the system
and how i hack that pc if it connected to router

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Well, I would gather as much information from the IP that you have obtained, and see where that info might lead me.

To actually crack the PC is just whatever is easiest for you. Again if you collected info out from the IP address you will instantly have numerous possibilities im sure.

what information? and how to gather that information?

you said you know the ip, which means you can use that ip to look up information which will give you the opportunity to look even more information up. many sites offers these opportunities

i know i can know his place and some information, but i want detailed information and i want to hack the pc, i can know that open ports, system, browser and some info

thank you

I don't think you know enough to hack yet.

Perhaps you could benefit from reading this

At the bottom of the article,there will be a few helpful links to OTW's tutorials.

yes i never but i want to learn thank you

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