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I was wondering: Will hacking change in a few years when we run out of IPV4 addresses and have to change to IPV6 addresses? i mean that surely is gonna have a great impact on Hacking, right? well maybe not, tell me what you think guys...

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Well IPv4 has just run out in a lot of places..and not really.

It's like you move from 1234 Maple Street to 12345678 Dale Lane. It's an address and the slight change it's big enough to really impact anything besides allow a few more addresses to be made. :)

Think of it like the world suddenly expanding 3 times over, with more extra space for living. That's what IP6 does.

There's a big hype about internet running out of ipv4 addresses and IOT (internet of things) that will quickly saturate the poor remaining ipv4 addresses, but that won't be a problem: they will be connected to the same home router and won't have their own address on the network.

Don't think it will have an impact on home routers (or general hardware) sold, we'll stick to the usual ipv4 addresses as it's more than enough, even if we add a fridge, an oven, a toaster, the PS5, TVs, satellite dish, alarm sensors, smart watches, smart panties, smart wifes to our own network. There will be room for everyone.

Same for overgrowing new cellphone devices: operators already (from long time) don't (or rarely) assign an own ip address, but let customers get out thru a gateway.

This said, all attacks that used to work in a LAN (namely, those based on MiTM) will still work.

Same applies for most internet-based attacks like sql injection, lfi, rfi, bruteforcing logins / ssh / ftp etc... because ipv6 will not touch how protocols work, it will just deal with transfering packets.

IMHO, it will be not such big deal, but at best, ipv6 will introduce new vector attacks (all new things come with brand new exploits...) so.. keep it coming ! We'll have fun.

Hmmm throw in the mix IPV6 and ARM devices... Thoughts on protection and offensive?

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