Forum Thread: Is 99% Disk Usage Normal for a Win8 Laptop?

So recently, a friend of mine handed me his laptop saying "Here, fix it. I dunno whats wrong with it, but its laggy"

First things I checked were the win8 task manager.
Disk Usage: 99%
RAM: 72%
CPU: 68%

I don't know much about how much Disk/RAM/CPU that a win8 laptop should be using when at standby/initial boot. (I've mainly used OSX, and win7)

I suspect malware may be using my friend's laptop.

Though, when I opened command prompt, typed:
netstat -ano

I got a list of internal IPs, nothing suspicious, except one IP I've never seen before...

Windows8 users, is these stats normal?

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check process, order by cpu and ram usage ?

But you schould start by doing something to free some space on this disk

Like butwhy42 suggested, check the running processes.


sometimes it can happened when your pc or laptop has old hard drive.
I had same problem with my windows 8 that why i switch to linux.
but how those guys say check for process and try to figure out your problem

if you haven't updated your os , I guess you should its a known bug in win 8 and 8.1 and you may reduce the usage by stopping the windows search service.

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