Forum Thread: Is 99% Disk Usage Normal for a Win8 Laptop?

So recently, a friend of mine handed me his laptop saying "Here, fix it. I dunno whats wrong with it, but its laggy"

First things I checked were the win8 task manager.
Disk Usage: 99%
RAM: 72%
CPU: 68%

I don't know much about how much Disk/RAM/CPU that a win8 laptop should be using when at standby/initial boot. (I've mainly used OSX, and win7)

I suspect malware may be using my friend's laptop.

Though, when I opened command prompt, typed:
netstat -ano

I got a list of internal IPs, nothing suspicious, except one IP I've never seen before...

Windows8 users, is these stats normal?

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3 Responses

check process, order by cpu and ram usage ?

But you schould start by doing something to free some space on this disk

sometimes it can happened when your pc or laptop has old hard drive.
I had same problem with my windows 8 that why i switch to linux.
but how those guys say check for process and try to figure out your problem

if you haven't updated your os , I guess you should its a known bug in win 8 and 8.1 and you may reduce the usage by stopping the windows search service.

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