Forum Thread: Is It Even Worth Brute Force Cracking a Web Based Login?

Just wondering. From what I can gather, it just doesn't work out. What about dictionary attack? I'm trying to crack a login for a small site called My girlfriend went to treatment for alcoholism and I was really proud of her. A friend of mine said he thought he saw her picture on this site. I double check and sure enoughit. I'm trying to figure going on. I'm somewhat familiar with thc hydra and tamper data. Im just wondering if it's even possible. Like I said its a smaller site so that's why I thought I might have a chance.

Let me know
Sad and confused,

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"I'm trying to figure going on." --> Ask her?

I would be more curious of how the friend knew.
You saw her pix and assume profile? You need more than that?

The amount of people not researching their stuff before shouting out conclusions is too damn high!


Before you attempt any kind of hacking, know that it is ILLEGAL!

Also, be careful when you are trying to hack people who trust you. If they find out, they will lose their trust in you. I speak from experience. Why don't you just be honest with your girlfriend and simply ask her? If all of your thoughts are true and she cheats on you, you do not become any better by hacking her, do you know that? Be the smarter one and simply ask her.

If you really wish to ignore my advice, there are various articles here on Null Byte that explain how to use Hydra in combination with Tamper Data.


That site looks like a scam... free registration but to reply to messages you have to pay for credits.

as per their faq:

(A.) As a free member, you can reply to a profile with a nicebreaker only, you cannot reply to profiles with a full message until you subscribe as a paying Member. You must click on the Upgrade link for more information and instructions on how to pay for membership..

Sure enough, if you register using a picture of a bad looking man, you will shortly get some invite from a hot looking woman. Same scheme from similar websites. I once had a friend that got a profile picture on similar website, the pic was hers, but the profile was obviously fake. It's not hard to spider the web, looking for targeted people (like the sobers, the addicted, ex con, crackwho**, the milfs, etc...) and using those pic / information to populate a fake website. Heck, even Zurckenrborg did the same with his Facepalm at the beginning.

And besides, if she wants to flirt online / offline there are other TONS of way to do it than subscribing to a niche pay website with low traffic.

I'd suggest you keep calm and tell her that probably someone is using her information for a scam. Do it giving her your trust, she will love it. A jealous man doesn't go much further in a relationship.

Confront her about it. You won't believe how many people I've seen on this site ask us to hack their gf's facebook because they thought she was cheating and they were too wimpy to ask her about it directly.

If her photo was taken without consent, you can file a legal report to get it taken down (depending on regional laws of course)

It's likely that the place she got treatment from took the photo and had a contract with her with a small statement saying they can use photos of her.

Thanks. But I already have a therapist.

Then don't ask us to do malicious things.


Then be specific in your questions. We do this like once a week with the cheating no evidence to support it girlfriend claims. I thought they gave good advice really.

You are not the first and certainly not the last to dislike the responses given by those not wanting to prosecute on weak and vague at best information who are trying to help you not make an azz out of yourself, if you are wrong. But I digress..

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