Forum Thread: This Is the Girl Who Wrote "I'm Being Hacked Like Mr. Robot," Topic Cont., New Info, Desperate for Help!

For some reason, my old username's password doesn't work, and even though I know it's right, the link to change my password doesn't work (just won't load and gives me error 500 I think it is). That's just one example from my daily life.

Anyway, I posted and got some feedback, and there was still some question as to whether or not I was being hacked. Well...since then I texted my mother a screenshot (stupid of me) that showed that I had an ancient email with her password to something and told her to change it, since that email of mine had undoubtedly been hacked. The next morning, all of her contacts get an email from her, subject line "HELP": she was apparently being held in the Philippines and needed $1500 in money gram for her release. She got lots of calls (to say she was hacked - not to pay for her, erm, ransom.) The NEXT day, as I have insomnia at night, I was awakened mid-afternoon to the cops in my apartment. "I" had apparently texted my Dad an SOS message that just said "help me" and had my pinned location (even though my location service is off for that phone) and it had a photo (just black) and an audio recording (5 seconds of static). He assumed it was a hack but since I didn't respond for hours he started to really worry that it might be legit.

Messing with me is one thing, but when it comes to my family.... - I'm sure the link was to hack his phone - but my Dad thought I might be dead or in trouble and let's face it, no one likes being woken up by the cops. I decided I was just gonna delete as much as I could. I tried to delete this gmail account, and all my google photos and docs, but when I delete them, someone keeps putting them back. I tried to have my messages forwarded and I got this email with the subject line "You got me! lol":

Hi How are you today i hope you will be good

I was this 3 days searching for any contact that can make me take a short conversation with you

First i want to tell that i'm a neighbor soory if i can't told you my name cuz i'm shy
I love you; i realy love you an i want to know your opinion about me

i already registred on a chat website you must also register on it if you want to see my pic my phone number..

I know you will like me because i"m beautifull im waiting for you to register and began our conversation

register from this link

Don't be late plz i Know you are Home now and i want to date me tonight if you are free

It will be a special nghit with us

Click Here

Each of those lines are links - obviously I didn't click them but I see that they each go to Obviously English isn't his first language and I doubt he's my "neighbor" but what with the SOS texts, it did ooog (which is a word I've decided) me out. The email itself looks like it's sent from someone at, but it's actually sent from "me", through that email, via "". Something I see often as well is, ssl.gstatic, and though I know zendesk is a real ticket deal, every single time I email support for anything, it comes back from that domain supposedly and is usually generic, unhelpful, sometimes in broken English - I even have identical messages from different companies, the WORST being Authy - I wonder if I've talked to a real person from Authy yet, because their "help tickets" are just ridiculous...same with LastPass, which was hacked, there's a .json file I think that includes the word "extraction" on my computer. My email to use paypal was changed, yet no $ YES, I'm definitely being hacked. My computer won't connect to my portable wifi hotspot without turning the ip into so I can't actually USE the internet, and other times I'm connected via wifi it's said which is a loop as I understand it, which makes sense because I'm definitely the "localhost" for I don't know how many people..oh and to whomever said that about iPhones being safe, I only have one iPhone, which is absolutely hacked I promise, and the rest I've talked about are mid-range and a couple low-range Androids. I even bought a $10 flip phone but something messed up during activation and it gave me an error code.

My Mom's hack is too bad, but it's stereotypical at least - the motive is clear. I still don't know what these people want but it's clear that they've set up a server/system/i don't know enough to describe it to connect to me to do nefarious things. I talked to a lawyer who seems like the logical next step because he deals with people who are beyond local police help and not interesting (no one's dead yet and no OBVIOUS money has been taken) and they would help me, but alas, I don't have $4,000 atm. Plus, it may be futile, he said so himself. I have "no root firewall" (even though it's clearly rooted) on my android, and it shows when things try to connect, and for a couple ride share apps, it's constantly trying to connect in the background, to 80 or 443 with many different ips. Dozens of crawlers. So I'm still wondering if my heavy use of rideshare apps is used by criminals. I may be crazy, but who wouldn't be at this point? Here's something I made when I tried to print something and it printed, but not to me -

IPv4 Route Table
Active Routes:
Network Destination Netmask Gateway Interface Metric 55 On-link 331 On-link 331 On-link 331 On-link 311 On-link 311 On-link 311 On-link 331 On-link 311 On-link 331 On-link 311

And here's an example of the kind of stuff I find everywhere:

<div class="tooltip-prompt sprite-div"><div class="sprite-text"><div class="sprite-text-inner">Trust this computer</div></div><div class="sprite-frame small icon-right"><img src="" alt="More information" class=" sprite spriteweb swebinfo" /></div></div></div></label></div><button type="submit" class="login-button button-primary">Submit</button><div class="two-factor-need-help"><a href="" class="resend-two-factor-code two-factor-uses-sms">Didn't receive one?</a><a href="/lostphone"><span class="two-factor-uses-sms">I lost my phone</span><span class="two-factor-uses-authenticator">I can't use my authenticator app</span></a></div></form> <form action="/ajaxverifycode" style="display:none;" method="POST" class="two-factor-form clearfix 2fa-seckey-form "><input type="hidden" name="cont" /><input type="hidden" name="requirerole" /><input type="hidden" name="rememberme" /><input type="hidden" name="u2f_challenge" value="" /><div class="login-info two-factor-uses-u2f"><img data-js-component-id="component2694923785408919867" src="" data-hi-res="" alt="" class="seckey-insert" /><div class="two-factor-seckey-instructions"><p><span style="font-weight:bold">Insert your security key to use it</span> <img data-js-component-id="component269492378540891986

that was just a snippet to see if anyone knows what coding language that is. Any new thoughts/advice??
Thank you, sincerely,
my social security number probably

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In terms of the coding language,it looks like css/html (so websites, specifically, just dropbox, nothing fishy) if this stuff has happened to you. There should be a lot of evidence for the police to look at.

Dude I told her that last time. She needs to go to the cops with the "evidence".

Again in this post you are all over the place. Get a new phone.. Create brand new accounts and emails (DO NOT FORWARD OR CONNECT YOUR EMAILS AT ALL). When creating the new email account, do not do it over wifi but rather use your mobile data. Do not reuse the same passwords (Use a password manager like Lasspass) only use networks while on a VPN (I use anonymous VPN) .. Do not connect to public wifi. If you do all those things and you get hacked then this guy is the best hacker in the world.

Or you could be clicking on links that cause your devices to be compromised.

Unfortunately, I think you may have been hacked. But at the same time you are slightly paranoid. There are many instances in your very long posting that sound like technical difficulties but you attribute to being hacked. I think following the instructions above will help you. If you follow those (Unless you click on a bad link again) there should not be anyway you are compromised. Unless the FBI is messing with you, but I highly doubt that.

Also...... GO TO THE POLICE!

I can't fault that advice one bit. You do sound just paranoid. But, if you do what rub1x suggests, i see no way how you could be hacked, especially if you have an iPhone and take all of these steps.

This part really sums it up for me..

"My Mom's hack is too bad, but it's stereotypical at least - the motive is clear. I still don't know what these people want but it's clear that they've set up a server/system/i don't know enough to describe it to connect to me to do nefarious things."

The motive is clear, I don't know what they want.. Doesn't this mean you do not know the motive?

Then this part

"they've set up a server/system/i don't know enough to describe it to connect to me to do nefarious things."

It doesn't work that way. You make it seem like hacking is the way it is done in the movies. That is not true by any stretch.

Yea, tbh, a lot of what she says is happening seems like she may have paranoid schizophrenia

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