Forum Thread: Is Kali the Best Pentester Distro Out There?

As the title says, is Kali Linux the best Pentester Distro out there? I've been "hacking" since I was 13 and I honestly don't think that Kali is the best and shouldn't be used by n00bs. Why? One, it isn't n00b friendly. How do I know? Well, try installing virtualbox and than figure out why the hell it won't run because the kernel module is wrong in the 2018 version 2 OS (This solution is simple, but took me forever to figure out the problem). Second off, notice that the title clearly states that it's a Pentester Distro, not a Hacking Distro and yes there is a difference.

Now, if you want to use Kali, go for it. I mean, I use Kali despite me hating it, but I develop or use scripts written in Python or programs in C. So why am I posting this? Well, I just want to make my opinion clear and that is, I hate the posts that state, "Oh Kali is the best distro out there and you should use it... blah, blah, blah." and that's a bunch of bullshit. Kali is based off of Debian now (older version was based off of Ubuntu which is based off of Debian (lol)) and the Kali Live Build Scripts make it so that way you can create your very own Kali Distro, but the majority of users in my opinion are skiddies and trust me, we all been there.

What's my point here? Well, I remember when I was a n00b and made mistakes that I cringe at and honestly, I just want to share my experiences and opinions. Btw, if you reply with some bullshit, I will roast you with SCIENTIFIC FACTS. Yeah guys, I know some good puns.

Ok so, you're like ok radom dude... you're a idiot. What's the point here? What distro should I use? I say, don't. Learn Python. Learn C. Learn Assembly. IN THAT ORDER! If you do this, you won't be a skiddie and won't need Kali. Also, look at the source code of your tools. Know how they work. That's the difference between a hacker and a skiddie. Anyways, enough of my rant. Please share your opinion below, but it takes agreeing to disagree. :)

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so in your opinion what is the best operating system for hacking and as you said, you have been hacking since 13. whats your age now i mean an extreme level hacker generally takes 3-4 years of practice. since I'm on my way to hacking field for 1 year, i am using kali and it works good for me and sincerely for every other individual .Ofcourse there are many OS that fits into the hacking category but kali is good to go...... and at last if you are of extreme level hacker you can share your scripts with us they will definitely help a lot to us.

I think i have my point.


I've been jumping between A LOT of oses... most of which I always end up modifying the DE/WM and also the tools... like, do I really need aircrack- ng suite of tools on a desktop? Hell no. Currently I'm running Windows because of school related stuff and also because my current laptop since it's UEFI, requires a EFI filesystem and honestly, I'm too lazy to figure out how to point the EFI filesystem to /boot, but that's me trying to sound smart. lolololol. For beginners, I say don't rely on a OS to do your hacking. Learn how to script first and learn how a computer works. A good book is AoE or Art of Exploitation. I'm also trying to fix what NB has become. Too many idiots are on asking to "hack fb". Hacking is a art. I believe when OTW left (he was a skid himself, but a good one), this place became a shit hole.

Btw, your question regarding my age, lets just say I've been doing this for a long time.

OTW hasn't left NB. Sure you've got a point that many of the users here just want a button to hack, because they TOTALLY new to this field. You just better avoid them or just tell them there is no such things like single HACK button. I am also new to this field( 1 year is not enough).

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