Forum Thread: Is It Not Need to Port Forwarding When Creating Payload , if I Use 3g Dongle ?

hello friends, i found a article when i search google about "port forwarding using dongle" ,

the article is :

"With a 3G dongle you will connect directly to the provider's mobile network, which implies you have no direct control over the ports.

But there's really no need to, because you will get assigned a single IP address, where no port forwarding is needed - you have only one device behind the IP, as there's not router present. Port forwarding is not needed, as the device's IP address corresponds with the external IP address assigned to you by the mobile service provider.

So in short, the physical device connected through 3G is assigned to with a dedicated IP address, so no port forwarding is even needed. There is just one question though: what ports does the service provider allow you to choose? Keeping in mind they don't like heavy trafficking, certain ports (in)famous for exactly such are probably blocked for use."

now i want to know,

1) is that actually correct ?
2) if it correct how to do this ?
3) how to find the ports does the service provider allow us to choose?

please help me guys................................................

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2 Responses

That is a yahoo answer dated 4 years ago... In the meantime, ipv4 availability has shortened a lot, and now operators may let you out trhu a gateway, or maybe just filter your connections at some level for security reasons. You will find out that if you use a phone operator dongle, you may not open ports, BUT if you insert your sim in another device (i.e. wireless 3g router) you will be able to (from the router config page). Sometimes, even if you forward them correctly, it won't work.

If you have access to the port forward panel in your router and want to test it, forward some port to your pc, like 80, 4444, 8080, 10000, 50000, then run

nc -l -p XX

(where XX is a single port number) and check it with a service like You might find out that it works correctly, or that some/all ports are blocked.

This really depends on your operator. You may call the customer care and ask if your mobile connection/key is behind a closed gateway.

please give me detailed insturctions on how to create and listen payloads when using 3g dongle....
i.e, i need detailed information about the ip address to be used in that case

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