Forum Thread: Is Password Cracking That Important in a Hackers Life ?

Hi, I'm making a decision about what gpu/s to get,

so I want to know how often does a hacker use his gpy/s to crack a password ?
How many times ?
How much time does it take for a normal/medium passwod to be a cracked with your gpu (list your gpu please) ?
And can you specify where exactly I will need to crack a password (all or most of the things) please ?

Thanks in advance.

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Your questions are all extremely vague, too broad I would even say.

It all depends on how often you come by password prompts or hashes that need deciphering. And what do you consider to be a normal/medium password. Everything about what you said is ambiguous to the point where there really is no right answer.

Also, do you you expect people to just hand you a list of programs that do X, Y or Z on a silver platter upon request? You have search engines that store masses of data and all of it is at your disposal.

I am willing to bet that all of the above questions can be answered with a single Google search for each. A simple bit of effort is all it takes. Laziness is not an excuse. Sorry for being harsh, but then again I'm just being real.


I used google...just came here for more information.

Any password below 6 characters can be cracked in about 5 minutes. My python password generator blazes through like 900 words a minute, but the issue comes with longer passwords.

Anything above 8 characters will take a LONG time to decode, which is why a better alternative is keyloggingm phishing, or social engineering.

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