Forum Thread: Is Portforwarding Safe?

Hey guys,can someone pls answer my question?i am a bit concerned about it.Cause when i test outside the lan some malwares,i need to portforward,also with noip.So i need to know if it's safe to decide where i should continue or not.

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No but u can do it if u know how to control it

what u mean by controlling it?.I wanna know if it's safe and if not why exactly?And now can good hackers hack others without that..As long as it's not safe then they will have some vulnerabilities too..

it depends on the protocol and on what you do in order to increase the security. You can indeed make it safe enough. How safe you need it depends on your situation.

For example if you are to port forward FTP, it would be ideal to use SFTP (secure file transfer protocol) which means it is by default encrypted. And you can use additional measures to increase the security by ensuring our own anonymity. And even encrypt the file you are sending, so even if the intruder should gain access to your server they would have to decrypt the actual file also

also this is a question you easily can find answered with re-search.

well i didn't really find..Can you give me some advice about that.I am doing malware and i portforwarded 443 and sometimes 4444.I send it to someone out of can i actually anonymyze it?Or at least make it safe.I wuld appreciate your help

you should use random port and try use proxy because someone access to your no-ip he could get every victiam u have and imagine if u run the server in your own pc :D and by portforward anyone could access to your router page so u must change the username and password of login page

it's quite difficult to understand what you mean. To anonymize your server you need to be anonymous yourself since you'll be using it. hence vpn.

I dont know what your intentions are with the server so I can't help you.

ok so my intention is like that:
I am currently testing some malwares on a friend which is outside LAN.

for beginning i port forwarded and sent him a simple malware with social engineering.I used my public ip(hope something wasn't vulnerable till now).Is there a way to hide my ip and still receive the information,like the meterpreter session.You know when a malware is detected it usually writes its ip.I don't want to show my ip so some vpns or proxies must be used,and i don't really know how so i was wondering if you could help me with that and in the same time being safe.Thanks.

To hide your ip you'll need a vpn, or you can spoof your ip or use decoy ones.

yes,i know that i need a vpn to hide my ip.But will i receive the information from the hacked pc?I mean when i do the malware i set the lhost on my public ip,U mean that i must set it on the vpns?But i don't think that it would still work.

Think of port forwarding like roads you travel. State highways are always going to be open unless theres a major dissaster. Same thing with ports there different roads to communicate. You wouldnt have all traffic running on one road so you wouldnt on a port either. Port forwarding is opening a port for a specific ip usually. In your router settings you need to specify a name for your port forward an ip address to port forward and the port/s. Now to hide your ip in this process you will need to find some software or write your own code that will make your exploit look to a dns server and when it finds that server it will update the ip. So if you wrote a reverse tcp in ruby like the ones metasploit uses i think... (dont quote me on that as it is from memory). Instead of having your ip displayed in plain text, and which in most cases it will be a dynamic ip, not a static one you can have the dns server connect to your listner obtain your ip adress then connect to the exploit. Its best you do some reaserch in most cases for exploit building no one will help you unless your a close friend who they know and trust. Wouldnt want to make more skidd's. If you would like some more info on the matter im sure google will help with a few key words picked from this mesage. Of course yould want to connect to a vpn or maybe even a multi hop vpn to make it harder to be traced. Just remember the long your connected the easier it is for them to find you.

Mind-you if you use metasploit 99 percent of the exploits will be picked up by anti-virus unless you-ve paid for a subscription to a exploit service as anyone can download and install metasploit and add it to there anti-virus database. Obfusticating works but building your own works even better.

there's no worries about that,i'll code the signature.But like if i make the no-ip thing and a good hacker would connect for example wouldn't that be risky?or it has complete non-sense?Thx for replying

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