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I was surfing when I found this website: CyberNews (not linked so as not to promote them). The website has the content of Null-Byte, I mean all, You search and it pulls in God knows how the results and displays it. It has all Null-Byte tutorials,Does Null-Byte have rss-readers or something ?

A Search: On Ciuffy

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And it pulls all articles that have ciuffy as a text in it. Once again, How is this possible ?

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There are hundreds of sites plagiarizing our material.

i agree with OTW. when you are good, it is inevitable that others will try to steal your honor and pride.

the fun thing also is, i just searched for myself, and it pulled of some articles solely about Null-Byte (my Freedom of Speech article, for example). they are actually advertising us.

the site looks crappy coded too. wouldn't surprise me if this "hacker site" will be hacked sooner or later.

if you ask me, this is actually more hilarious than depressing.


I just saw it on the internet few minutes ago.
Wow.The same url(OMG).Because i am Chinese traditional.
Hope you have a nice day.

Well that was unexpected.

exactly my thoughts.


nice doxing mate. though it seemed pretty easy, since he has the banner of his own website in the banner of his G+ page.

actually, i just found out that his name is at the bottom of the CyberNews webpage facepalm


also, on what version of Potato OS is this website hosted? it takes 7 seconds to load the page...


CentOS, Hard Disk: 20 GB, Ram: 512 MB. I just found out by guessing.

i even got secret footage of the server...

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Sergeant? i need an explanation.

EDIT: nevermind...


Oh look, it's me!

Well, plagiarism of famous communities is inevitable, but clearly it is not a big deal for these. The original is going to show up first anyway, so the traffic is not hijacked at all.

Yeah but as much as he is coping on his joomla site he should give you a % of that adsense money. People pay for content, I know I had a website or 5 and needed to hire copywriters to keep it fresh kinda like here.

This is rather amusing.

EDIT: A side note, a lot of these websites just link back to Null Byte or give the link at the bottom of the tutorial.

The sites are also horrible.


Where is this website? A google search isn't getting me where I need to be to see what you all are talking about.

"CyberNews Null Byte"
Also, that's the name of who designed the layout. You sure he is the same person who plagiarizes?
That would be giving away the position way too easy...

Oh my god, this guy has supposedly been doing web design for 9 YEARS and that is the website? I mean, if you are going to rip off a website at least try not to look like a fool. This man has been caught red handed!

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