Forum Thread: Is It Possible to Break into Router's Control Panel?

I'm wondering if there's a way to break to my router's control panel when connected to my Wi-Fi network? I already know you can try brute force with big dictionaries of logins & passwords, however is there any other way?

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Your own router? No other way, since you can't be mad enough to setup a phishing attack on yourself. Now wouldn't that be interesting?

However, if you're speaking of routers in general, then there are a few ways. As you mentioned there is brute force, I mentioned phishing, and then you have what's called an Evil Twin Access Point (ETAP). It is a form of a Man-in-the-Middle (MitM) attack.

This ETAP attack involves cloning the router's specifications, deauthing the router, using the previously obtained specifications to create a clone Wi-Fi source and waiting for the disconnected users to connect to this clone. This clone is known as an ETAP (hence the attack name) and it may be used for many different purposes.

Since you are trying to obtain the credentials of the authentic router's login page, you could setup a Captive Portal that asks the owner to update the router by entering its password. You would (obviously) then gain the login details.

This may be a little bit tricky as you would need to know the router's manufacturer in order to fabricate the login page for that particular brand. You could look up templates on the internet for different router brands. However, to actually find out the brand of your victim's router, you might need to do some social engineering.

Either way, there is a tool to help you achieve this called Wifiphisher, in case you need efficiency (which, I must say, it does a pretty good job at).

Anyhow, good luck.

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