Forum Thread: How Is It Possible for Someone to Mess with My Pc and Even Drop Big Text Files When the Lan Is Not Connected and the Wif

It must be some locally equipment in my house working on radio. It connects to the lan port or sub port as I tried bringing down the lan but start-up logs just showed it connected to sub??

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Do you mean when the PC is not connected to the LAN? It could be a task set to run at certain times.

Sorry lan unplugged wifi and Bluetooth removed. I was being abused in real time. On all types of OS and hardware. Been going on for years now. Any ideas?

how it is possible?

u r not connected anyway,maybe when u were connected for a while u have opened a link which contains phishing attacks it's all my opinions i dont know how? :$

Do you have old printers on your network? Or some big ass printer with HDD? Try checking that first. I know, back in the old days, "people" usedo to exploit some default problems in printer's memory. Back then it was used for sharing "illegal" files on emule or DC++

Another thougts: 1 - In all this is "years" you must be using something in comon, like an old software, an USB device...

2 - Does anyone else has physical access to the machine?

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