Forum Thread: Is It Possible to Hack a Computer by Only Using Ip ? I Know SE (Social Engineering)

can i hack it wirelessly by flooding it to bypass Firewall?

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I guess what I'm really trying to ask is if theres any way to hack a system without sending anything (link, file, etc.) to the victim. I know this is going to sound dumb but like in movies (i know movies aren't realistic) or even in Mr. Robot sometimes they're able to enter a system without sending anything.

There are many exploits that you can use through Metasploit and get instant access, but they are almost always on old or unpatched systems. If you use Metasploitable, there are many vulnerabilities like this.

You mean like do passive recon, establish information about your target systems, move into active recon map ports out search for vulnerabilities and then escalate privileges once inside the system? If so that's the general idea behind pentesting and hacking.

If you mean without interfacing with the system in someway, no. That's the security rationale behind air gapped systems with external physical security measures in place. In those cases the human element and SE will get you further, providing the system is truly secured from external access.

This is exactly what not to say on this site.

What you are doing is illegal in most countries.

im planning being whitehat

I think that decision belongs to someone higher than your teacher. Something like that has the ability to do more than just attack his/her computer.

Dude i know Im only doing it on my own pc

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