Forum Thread: Is It Possible to Hack Outside the LAN Even if I Dont Have Static Public IP Address?

I was wondering why I can I hack on my LAN but not outside the LAN. Then I figured out that I have dynamic IP address. I was getting some informations about this and my internet provider wants too much money for a static IP address. Is there another way to hack outside the LAN even if i dont have static IP address?

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static IP iis 5$ in my country

but yes you can hack with dynamic ip you can even use metasploit with DNS if you want to automate exploits when you are not home and your ip changes...

only thing you cant do is persistence it works just with ip :(

Yes I forgot to write if it works with persistence so something like theres a server on the network where persistence will go and my computer sends to the server my ip and then forward data from persistence to my IP address


In your circumstance, I would first find a server with a static IP that you can compromise and then use it to compromise the target. You can set up the a persistent connection between the target and the server. Then you can get into the server and use that persistent connection.


I just quite don't understand it. So I would compromise Windows 2003 server with static IP. This will have persistence so I can awake it because the server has static IP. But how can I than compromise the system from that static IP server? That server does´t have metasploit. Is it something with port forwarding?

If you could recommend me any way to learn those things i would be very happy. I think I understand it as a human how could it work but i have no idea how to do it since im newbie in hacking.

Thanks for your time,


Once you exploit a machine, you can upload any software you want.

I have a tutorial on pivoting from an exploited machine to other machines on the network here .


Thanks for great ideas, ill definitely try to find a way how to do it.

I also found something like Is it also a solution?

noip works just like your external IP addess.It's a free DNS hosting service.

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