Forum Thread: Is It Possible to Make Botnet in Kali Linux

I am a beginner in kali linux and I need help to make bot for ddos...

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7 Responses

How did you find learning to ride a bike never having stabilisers when you were younger? That is exactly the same as what you're asking here. Please be real and do some research. Where are the clients coming from exactly for this botnet?

We ARE NOT criminals here to aid you, legitimate questions, great, we will try help you out. but..

"I am a beginner in kali linux" automatically implies that this botnet is not in the name of "research", and will be used for malicious purposes. Like come on...How much do you actually know about botnets as it stands, or are you asking;

"Hey, someone write me something I can use to screw that guy over in Halo who killed me because i'm bad, I heard DOS once and it has a pretty name"

Perfect response. I could not have did it better +1 CODERED

Yes, there is, but we're not here to be criminals

hey I am not trying to build bot for crime i am just learning kali and programming so i've heard somewhere so..

I just want to learn how it is made and about it....not for criminal purpose guys.

I may be two years late to this thread, but this is kind of sad. I'm relatively new to pentesting (notice I didn't say HACKING), however not to programming, and if you're new to Kali and you're trying to build an army or something, you're probably just mad at some kid that killed you in CoD or something. Botnets, if discovered by the wrong person, will land you directly in jail.

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