Forum Thread: Is It Possible to Manually Route Packets Through the Internet?

Theoretically I want to DDoS someone, but not have to be traced(for obvious reasons) is it possible to rout packets through hundreds or even thousands of different addresses before everything is traced back to the point of origin? I was thinking maybe a back door Trojan, but I'm not sure..

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<Edited>I'm thinking --rand-source with Hping3. Rand source uses random IP on each packet sent. NO TCP return traffic.

In what context or program? I'm still pretty new to all this :p. Thank you for your Reply

How about using a proxychain?

Proxychain would be your best bet. Just configure your .conf file appropriately and you should be able to route it through as many addresses as you would like. Just remember that if you use it a lot, keep your addresses up to date.

Also, since you don't need any return traffic via TCP, you can simply spoof your IP address.

Spoofing IP address effectively cuts off any sort of back tracing to you? I feel like there's something more complicated here I'm not even aware of?

Spoofing your IP makes it difficult to trace you. Nothing makes you untraceabke. You can only make it very difficult that only a highly trained forensic investigator can find you.

IP spoofing won't work with most hacks. Just DoS.

Thank you all for the replies, the information is very helpful. Is there a way that I could "gather" a large amount IP Addresses quickly? the only way i can currently think of would be ping something on the opposite side of the world, but even then its only going to give me the fastest route to it making it kind of counter productive unless i did it a lot

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