Forum Thread: Is It Possible to Pwn Mass Phones at Once?

I would like to see if one can exploit many phones remotely and display an image on their screens? would make a good joke this Xmas!

And to also control processes like write,read and delete an sms.

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I think all the phones would need to be on the same network also you will probally have to write a worm which replicates it self to other devices

doubt there is a ready made exploit for what your looking for.

so how long will it bey to make a worm?
just of curios

Something like this would be very difficult and writing your own worm/exploit would be even more so. The closest I can think of is to use MITMf to change all pictures on their browsers to your picture. As for remote control there have been a couple of article on here that explain how to do that to an android but you need physical access to the phone first.


The closest thing I can think of would be a trojan. But that's easily taken care of by AVs. Bypassing them...there are about 15 techniques for it. It's hard, but possible. Recent stats(at RSA Con) show that 99% AVs could not detect 1% of the virii (is that the correct plural form?), which is worse than...maybe 5 years ago.

But if you're talking about android < 5.0 Lollipop and > 2.2 Froyo, I have something for you.That means about 90-95% of total android phones. There is a vulnerability in Stagefright that you can exploit by sending a simple video through MMS, discovered just a few months ago by zImperium and unveiled at BlackhatCon and DEFCON 2015. Some guy uploaded a video on youtube about it here. The official video can be found here. It also has a Wikipedia Page. Of course, MMS isn't free and you also need mobile numbers, but I remember reading on THN that it can be embedded in a web page. The only differences are cost and nature of exploitation (active/passive). This official app checks if you're vulnerable.

Apparently, they have discovered something more in it that just requires a text message to be sent. Here I give to you the exploit codes! They say this new thing hacks any android from version 1 to 5.1.1. I guess it should be v0.1, but anyways, good luck!

-The Joker

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