Forum Thread: Is It Possible to Replace a Python Directory with a More Stable One!.

Hello guys! i hope you're having a nice day..

So basicaly its been a while that I've been trying to do pen-testing on my own Local network. I've tried aircrack, pyrit, hashcat, and wps attacks such as reaver, bully and some other tools, .. But when it came to launching an evil twin attack, a lot of issues i've encountered with many tools such as fluxion and wifiphiser so i moved to the last one which is wifipupmkin, and than i got myself a report such as the following, even if they say it works good with kali, it doesn't it appear that there is some kind of error in the python library and this is just my noob opinion, and i was wondering other than all of that if there is a way to replace a python library same way in Xp we do with programes in program files . or just a fix for the following errors. hope someone could have the time to type the smallest hints if possible and thanks.

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