Forum Thread: Is It Possible to Send a File Through Lan Without Premission

hey i have been searching lately for a way to send file.exe or any photo through lane without permission... hope someone can help me with it i really need to know a way or anything that makes me access other lan computer..


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There are many ways. Netcat, hping3, scapy will all allow you to send files.

like without permission? i mean... i used a rat on someones computer by putting it on usb now im trying to send a rat by lan so i cracked my cousin network and i wanna put a rat on his computer is that possible through the programs u gave me?

This is not a

step 1
step 2
step 3
step 4

And you have alot of reading to do.

the question is "is this even possible?" and yea i have a lot of reading to do what and where should i start reading

Thanks i will make sure i read it all

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