Forum Thread: Is It Possible to Un-Encrypt an Encrypted Encrypted File?

Lets say I make a text file that says "Hello World", then I use (lets say) a weak encryption to encrypt that file, then that same encryption again to re-encrypt the encrypted file.

I know there are programs to decrypt encrypted files, but what if that encrypted file is encrypted?

Sorry if that sounded confusing. But I was wondering whether it is possible...and whether there is a guide where I can learn about that


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Yes, it can be done. Do a search on cascade encryption.

I don't know alot about encryption but this is wat i do know.

lets say you encrypt "hello world"
"hello world"

now i add an encryption:
encyption1"hello World"

to access the "hello world" string you need to get rid of the encyption1

now you add another encyption:
encryption2encryption1["hello World"]

to access the "hello World you need to first open the encryption2 and then the encyption1.

if you open encrpyion2 you end up with encryption1.

I hope i explained your question. if not, tell me what you dont understand and ill do my best.

What happens if it's an XOR encryption?

if its a xor encryption and you're using the same key to encrypt twice then it will revert back to plain text. Xor encryption works at a binary level comparing each column of two binary strings. If a column has is 1 to 1 or 0 to 0 the output is 0 but if its 1 to 0 or 0 to 1 the output is 1.

Text: F = 01110000
Key: V = 10000101

F: 01110000
V: 10000101

Now if we apply the key again
V: 10000101
F: 01110000
It reverts back to F!

Yes, but encrypt/decrypt in an order of your choosing and stick with that order so as to stay organized and reduce the risk of messing up your files, although it shouldn't change much.

as a measure if you want to use this i would have it so that if you mess up on one level of encryption it will bump me up to the first along with different files.

e1 has games i play
e2 has the internet
e3 has junk i don't want anyone to see
e4 is the stuff that i need to never be found but still need
i would also have it on a raid 1 drive but that is just me.

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