Forum Thread: Is There Anyway to Continously Know My Neighborhood Wifi Pass Since I Know His

Network Name (SSID):
Key Type :
Key (Hex) :
Key (Ascii) :
Adapter Name

and his account and this info

Model Number

Firmware Version
Software Version
LAN MAC Address
DSL MAC Address

WAN IP Address
PPP Username...

to make it clear.. i just simply borrowed my friend/neighborhood laptop and put my flash drive and secretly running a wireless key viewer to know his wifi password. but after a few days he already change the WiFi password? is there anyway to continously know? without borrowing his laptop? we are both running a windows7 starter OS . i guess he"s suspecting me about stealing his wifi pass? thanks in advance,,, please do educate me

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The short answer is "No". You can crack his password, though. Check out my tutorials on wifi password hacking. If he is computer savvy, though, he will still detect you are using his wifi.

thank you sir,,, honestly im a little bit shy because im using an old model Lenovo 3000 G410.. which im afraid that using that laptop will be hard for hacking>>> please do check the specs,, if its the capacity to do the task... thanks

my neighborhood is just a normal person who only knows surfing the surface web....

As long as kali will boot and you have reaver + compatible adapter wifi life is good.

Please note modems and routers firmware are being upgraded to counter reaver's default attack , you would need to option reaver out to use small keys and long delay.

BTW couldn't you offer to pay half his internet bill each month for access? Is what I would do first.

for sure my neighborhood will not accept my offer if i could use their wifi even i pay for the half price... he"s not that king and generous person....

what is the best wifi adapter that supports injection and capable of 802.11n and best for hacking wifi via bootable linux with minidwep reaver, feeding bottle, infiltartor1.1?

and kindyl give me idea plz regarding a capacity of 2 km a high powered WiFi capable receiver such a yagi antenna?? tnx im excited about your idea and comments

you use reaver he cracks passwords using the routers pin soo as long as his ruter pin is enabled and usually it is he can change his password as much as he want because reavier will crack password with that pin in 3 minutes

easy way to get the pin is next time you have the laptop get the pass and put it in a dictonary now crack with reaver and it will tell you the pin save it and every next cracking just use the pin

3 mins.. You must be talking about an old router with a default pin?

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