Forum Thread: Is There a Way to Find Out All the Programs Installed on a Computer?

So i was looking online better ways to exploit a computer. Because so far I could only exploit from ports and I have been seeing online vulnerability in a certain program. So is there a way to scan for programs automatically? For example vuln in testprogram how would I know they have that testprogram installed. Example

Metasploit started
Msf> program scan
Java installed not vuln
Epicgames installed not vuln
Teamspeak installed not vuln
Testprogram installed vuln
Chrome installed not vuln
1 program installed and exploitable

Something like that note does not need to be in metasploit can be a 3 party app or any that can scan for vuln programs thx for help in advanced if you dont know what I am asking cause I am not clear ask and I will try to do better also note I have looked online I could not find anything many cause I was not specfic or to specfic

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