Forum Thread: Is There a Way to Find a Person's IP Address Just by Knowing Their Name?

Say you have a target in mind but the only information you have is that said persons name. I have tried alot of the so-called free people finder sites out there and they are not as advertised. I have went over OTW article about shodan but i wasnt sure if i could use that in this instance.

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If they send you an email you can check the header and find the originating ip. You could convince them to reply to an email you sent, maybe saying something like your an old friend or something, then follow these instruction(Assuming you use gmail) to extract the header then the ip will be visible.


You could do some information gathering and maybe you could find their skype username, and then resolve the ip using any skype resolver.

i use skype resolver and it's very effective

Good question! You could social engineer them to click on a link to harvest their ip address. There is a website that will actually generate three different kinds of urls. Once the victim clicks on a url, the ip address is emailed to you.

Let me know if this helps you out!
-Cameron Glass

Hey, obviously dont do that with a main email, they probably sell it afterwards

Absolutely that helps thank you, and thanks for the skype resolver im gonna have to look into that! Do you have any tips on harvesting personal email addresses you want to share?

Interestingly, one of my first tutorials EVER, is called How to Dox Anyone and goes through the steps and processes of growing one piece of information like a username or ip address to a vast majority of information such as emails, names, and phone numbers.

I hope you like it!
-Cameron Glass

Seems interesting, gonna check it out too.

Good Tut i appreciate the link, i have read similar ones before but after reading yours i dug back in. I have hit a snag though and i thought i would bring it up, a couple of those people finder websites will not open when using Tor. It throws an access denied error, a couple of the other ones i have tried gave similar errors. I have stumbled upon one that i have had a little success with that i wanted to share has produced pretty good results.

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