Forum Thread: Is There a Way to Remove the Restrictions Made by the Admin from the PC You Are Using?

I can't access the control panel. I can't access the command prompt and even if I do, there are specific commands that the admin has restricted so I can't use some of the commands in cmd. I can download files but I can't install those to the computer I'm using. And lastly, I can't access some websites like youtube and facebook. I know there are proxy servers but is there a way that I can unblock all the sited the admin blocked?

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Can I use an iphone? or is it necessary to use a laptop or netbook?

you could use ophcrack to find out the password of the admin account.

how can I use that if the admin restricts my pc from installing software?

I think that's why CiberHitchHiker talked about portable apps. Those applications that don't require any installation and can be ran by USB.

That's why a USB Metasploit distribution is always a good way to go.

If you could run metasploit: I think that there's a way to gain admin privileges even without ophrcack's rainbow tables (brute force-like), for example some Metasploit's Meterpreter commands allowed you to do that (, or, for example, the famous PSexec + PSH (pass the hash).

You simply dump the password's hashes and pass them (not anymore with NTLM2 (which should be default in Win 7), if someone else is able to do that, may you tell me? ):

(links are from Metasploit Unleashed)

But I'm assuming that this is Windows... is it?

Yes it is Windows 7

Well then there's this post from CyberHitckHiker that explains how to use Windows Magnifier to have "system level command prompt" (quote).

This looks like a summary of the advices here.

I haven't tried it personally, but sounds like it should fit :

You can try some password recovery tools as "ONTP&RE", or Cain and Abel, which is, I'd say, Ettercap for Windows, useful for Password Recovery too.

As always, if I said something wrong, please tell me.
Also, don't forget about Kali, as OTA said.

I suggest that you simply use a live CD of Kali on the system. All of the software is on the LiveCD. No software installation is necessary.

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