Forum Thread: Is Two-Factor Authentication Secure?

Nowadays a lot of companies are implementing two factor authentication to protect accounts such as Google, Steam, and Apple. But is it as secure as they say it is. Does anyone know a way to intercept the codes sent from the texts or with the apps. I guess you could if you infected the phone but has anyone heard of any other way besides that. I am asking for myself because I always implement it on my accounts if its offered but I was wondering if it was smoke and mirrors to give a false sense of security or actually a viable security measure.


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Any additional layers of security makes things more secure. However, if you run into a password dump, you're likely to find the security questions too. Especially in a business environment.

it's a good hurdle and recommended for you to use but I would not recommend for companies to use wink wink

I like Two-Factor. You should use it because it helps, but it isn't indestructible.

Best two-factor auths are, imo, probably the little tokens independent of email or phone.

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