Forum Thread: Is This the WPA2-PSK Encrypted Password to the Network?

I have a URL to an album with 6 pics in it. The album is called "myhandshake", and the pics are captioned and listed from top to bottom as:

1) The screenshot of an initial WPA2-PSK handshake - This is a screenshot of the WPA2-PSK handshake of me authenticating with my network's router to gain access to the wifi network.

2) packet1 - pretty self explanatory.
3) packet2 - pretty self explanatory.
4) packet3 - pretty self explanatory.
5) packet4 - pretty self explanatory.

6) Diagram of a WPA2-PSKA handshake - This is the diagram that I used as desktop wallpaper so that I could memorize the basic steps in the WPA2-PSK handshake. Eventually, I want to be able to associate each of those steps with what I'm looking at when going over handshake data in Wireshark.

My question revolves around the 4th pic, captioned "packet3". Looking in Wireshark's middle pane, at the highlighted line at the bottom of that pane, is that "WPA Key Data: 12bfb55a99d08b44136c7fbf84075cebbec1d67fbf6b1f22..." entry the encrypted password for the wifi network? It appears that it's only partial, because its length is noted to be 56, and the entry also ends in "...", which I take to mean that there's more data that goes on the end of it. If I really need to get the whole thing, I guess I could go into Wireshark's bottom pane and get the entire thing from the Hex dump that's there.

If that is not the encrypted password, then which entry should I be looking at to see it? - Thanks in advance!

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