Forum Thread: Issue with Subprocess Module (UPDATED)

So, when I'm developing scripts I usually test in a python shell through the terminal. I've recently encountered and issue wherein every time I attempt to run a command through subprocess it freezes the shell. Any suggestions? I will provide screenshots when I have time.

UPDATE: I was using the subprocess module on another system running Fedora live and it froze as well, Kali 2.0 is probably not the issue.


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4 Responses

have same problem since i updated not even shells but randome times even when i watch vedios etc i think it might be cuz of recent patch

This is the first issue I've encountered in Kali 2.0. Anything else had been just peachy.

i didnt have this problem for long amount of time since but it started 2 days ago idk its some thing about new tool or theme i installed or its just kali ...

UPDATE 2: I found the issue, when I set the subprocess "shell" value to True it freezes the shell.

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