Forum Thread: I've Searched, but Not Found This Specific Solution. Remotely Monitoring Laptop Microphone via a Hidden Service. My Spec

First of all, I apologize if it is against this sites rules. But I am willing to pay someone to deliver me a piece of software that meets some or all of my specifications.

First a little into, I've searched and searched the web and all I can seem to find are uncompiled programs and general examples that are beyond the amount of time I want to spend to make it work.

1 - Basically, I'd like a program that listens on any given or specified TCP port and streams the audio to a remote listening program using just about any compression codec. mp4 (m4a) would be preferred.

2 - UPnP would be preferred so that it would open the port on the router. If this is difficult it would not be a big issue for me as I have complete access to the computer and router. This would just be a nice bonus.

3- Option to build on the SDK from so that it would update its IP address to a hostname. But again, I own this computer and can install the program and the user would not even know what the program is

4 - Remote control of the microphone gain. If this is difficult, I wold like it to default to maximum.
5 - No conflict with programs like Skype. In other words it would need to share the microphone device

6 - a player client that could also record. From what I can guess, a program such as VLC could do this. However, I think that means the stream would have to be encoded as an RTSP stream which may add to the difficulty of the program, but since there is a massive amount of RTSP encoding free code out there I assume a good coder could do it without much trouble. I would prefer a little custom player that had a quick button to connect to the hostname, auto-start recording, and playing it live.

7 - Original code that would not be detected by Microsoft Security Essentials. Although even if it was, since I run the machine I could dismiss and allow the program. I'd just prefer this run as a service and not be seen by any other program excecpt task manager which I'm sure the task could be given a general non-suspect name.

8- My laptop is running Windows 7. Just thought I would mention that for compatibility reasons.

9 - When the remote client is not connected to the laptop I wouldn't want it doing any listening or encoding. It activates when the remote client logs into it over the internet.

10 - watch dog process, in case the program crashes I would like a watch dog service to attempt to restart it. If if cannot do so it would create a debug file.

So, you may want to know why I want this program. Believe it or not it is for the greater good. My uncle married a gold digger and we have proof that while he is at work she is making calls to banks and trying to hide his money. She is also making constant calls to her family members in another state who are giving her tips on how to manipulate him into signing over documents that she is printing up, then rewriting and tracing his signature to submit to companies that control his finances including his retirement fund so once the divorce is final she can come back and make a claim on his estate. You may ask, why can't he see through this and catch her? Well unfortunately he has started to come down with early onset dementia and half the time we confront him showing him what she is doing, it takes here a mere day to manipulate his mind back into believing her. She moved in as a roommate, fakes falling in love with him and has been draining him constantly. He is wise enough to know that he is going to divorce her, even has the papers drawn up thanks to his children. But every month goes by and he says "The divorce will be final in 4 weeks". He started saying this 8 months ago. While I realize the legality of what I'm asking. I hope that someone with the means to write a program like this for me can see it is for the greater good. We basically need to get a recording of her talking to the people who are helping her scam him. And since I own the laptop and have remote access to it, but am not allowed in their house while she is home (which is always) - my only method at this point is to listen in and try to catch her scheme. Even if 99% of this solution already exists, I will pay someone to put the pieces together for me. I keep searching the internet only to find programs that require a GUI to be up and running, or don't meet the specs I require.

If you can help me save my uncle from losing more than half his life saving, which is he going to need soon for medical care - please private message me with your thoughts or offer for a solution. I would be grateful.

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9 Responses

where are you based

Considering you own the laptop and you're asking for software to install on your property I don't see any legal ramifications there.

Wish I could help you mate, but I'm busy with my own stuff. I would talk to EX1S7 or Jon Masters, they might like the practice.

Good luck if your story is true.


Not entirely sure how to take that my friend :)


At face value. You two are the only ones that I see here regularly actually doing the work, figure you might like the practice, ha ha.


You cant find a script like this because its a custom script (seems nice too). Hire a Vworker to code it for you. Break out 2-4 BTCoin.

Seems well Pre meditated. Problem is where you are this is illegal even if for good reasons. Unless you are in a 1 party state.

Yeah but he/she talking Wiretapping basically


They are asking for it to be custom written, that much is already apparent. This is a freelance job, but I would still be weary in taking it.

It's software installation on their own property, regardless of the person who is currently using it. I would still seek legal advice before doing anything like this, but that's just me.


I did ask where this person was based for this reason.

Actually your all thinking much much more complicated than need be a simple attack with MSF and ill bounce the audio stream through a server I choose, with a script that he can remotely start the stream with..... less a free lance custom build script and more of a creative pentest done for a third party, I am merely showing him what could be done with his laptop and what he chooses to do with any information gleaned is his choice.

Plus i had a family friend who was nearly cleaned out in a similar manner and I'm sympathetic to the cause, if alls not as it is presented to be then... well, I'm sure you can all put two and two together.


But I certainly wouldn't be custom writing a script for anyone on borderline legality, what a way to hand over code fingerprint.

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