Forum Thread: Jailbreaking iPod4 on 5.1

So I got myself a new iPod since my last one kicked it not too long ago, and when I picked it up I was quite exited to see if I could put some fun terminal applications on it and program from my iPod and such.. You can imagine my dismay after finding out my iPod is running 5.1 and can only be jailbroken tethered or semi-tethered, but even after getting over that and going through with it anyways to see what I could get done, MobileTerminal (the Terminal emulator for iDevices) that I would be running all my CLI stuff through just crashes upon open! I briefly see a black screen with a keyboard, and then it just goes back to home. 

Has anyone dealt with this before? I have been having trouble finding much info on MobileTerminal, or at least useful info, or any possible alternative. People have made reference to SSH'ing into the iPod to achieve something similar, but that leaves me wondering; if I have no SSH'ing capable app, that would just be from my computer to my iPod wouldn't it? For me at least, that's not really what I was looking to achieve. 

Any help, info, or discussion is appreciated.

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