Forum Thread: How to Jam a Radio Signal ?

Is it possible to jam a radio signal with Kali linux 2.0 ?

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No, but you can create your own specific hardware with enough knowledge of electricity and electronics to accomplish this. Have a look at my Electricity/Electronics for hackers series, As I will be building a signal jammer in this series (somewhere in February, probably).


Have you've ever seen the original batman and robin? Well, Batman managed to scramble the signal from a missile that was locked onto them by aiming a wave big enough to scramble it. So if I'm thinking correctly, then you could try to create a device that's able to interfere with the signal and scramble it enough that it'll not work. Other then that since everything else is digital, you could mess with the signal with Kali but that's only if the machine that is creating the signal from a computer that is connected to the internet. Hope that helps.

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