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Hi this is august! with some inspiration from a family member cough cough im just copying his idea cough cough I decided to try making a "browser bomb" that opens up infinite pages. I have some code here but dont know if it works. If anyone wants to help or improve please tell me! thanks -august

EDIT forgot to add code. here it is!

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I think you need to add:
<script type="text/javascript">
</script type>

before and after your code segments
(I don't know JS very well, so I may or may not be wrong...)

That is just how I see webpages add Javascript to certain parts of their HTML code

It looks like it should open one window, but if you're looking to spawn infinite windows you'll need to add a while loop. I haven't used JavaScript extensively for quite some time but that should work.

You might try this.


You could safely remove the console.log() line, this outputs to the console and is useful for testing/debugging and won't affect the resulting page.

Seems all it's doing is opening multiple pages specifying _blank as a target, in some browsers it'll most likely open the pages in tabs as opposed to new windows...probably browser specific.

Anyways - if you wanted to repeat this say, 2000 times...

// Initialise counter at 0
var intTimes = 0;

// Do while counter less than 2000
while (intTimes < 2000) {, '_blank');;

// Increase counter...

Should work. Here's a little bit about the target attribute, you might be able to do other disruptive things if that's your cup of tea..have fun.

Sorry to respond again - this reminded me of a batch script I wrote years ago in work to mess with my workmates.

It basically opened hundreds and hundreds of command shells - I then had a brain fart and realised I could increase the ferocity of the demonic script if I made it spawn instances of instead of simply opening a command prompt that was awaiting input, open a command prompt which, in turn - opens its own copy of the evil batch file...this locked the system down in seconds, you had to restart.

Anyways - all I'm saying is, it might be fun to see what happens if the url points to this same webpage...every page that's opened will load more pages..that'll load more pages, etc, etc.

To infinity...or until the computer gives up either way is fun.

@echo off
goto :A



To make your code open pages without the popup blocker detecting it, it must be triggered upon the click of a button or some other kind of user interaction.


Ok how could I add a trigger to it... maybe

prompt("<insert thing here>);

and the an if then else statement?

If you are plugging your javascript into an html page, consider using the html's button "onclick" feature to activate a function within your javascript.

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