Forum Thread: The Jeremy Hammond Fund

When a man risks his freedom to liberate knowledge that helps the greater good, why do we arrest him?

You might have heard about the turncloak Sabu and the arrest of LulzSec members that followed. Jeremy Hammond was arrested in Chicago, Illinois.

Hammond was arrested on allegations of access device fraud and hacking. He is being charged as the main person behind the December document liberation on U.S. security company Stratfor. Sources say Hammond will be charged in a separate indictment, and they described him as a member of Anonymous.

The 34-page indictment released by the U.S. attorney's office in Chicago accuses Jeremy Hammond of helping to hack into several company sites, including the Texas-based security consulting company, Stratfor.

Charges against Hammond include conspiracy to commit computer hacking, which carries a 10-year maximum prison sentence. During his initial court appearance in Chicago on Tuesday, he quietly said "Yes, your honor" when asked if he understood the charges against him. The judge ordered him transferred to New York to face the indictment there.

Take a look here, and if you feel he has done right, feel free to help him out.

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3 Responses

He seems like a good guy, but I do wonder, since I haven't followed this quite as closely as I could have.. Why Jeremy Hammond over the rest of them? Not saying he's not worth donating to quite the opposite, I just would like to know why he has his own page? I thought there was either a bail fund for anonymous as a whole or just lulzsec or something..

I wouldn't give any money to anyone coming off as accepting donations for "anonymous" as a whole or as some kind of group nowadays. I only post this because I am able to 100% verify it is legit and will go to his legal defense.

On that note, if I am able to confirm such facts with any of the other LulzSec members who were arrested, I will post them here as well.

Sounds like a good enough explanation for me...

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