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Im new to Nullbyte and decided i as my future job i would want it linked to hacking.
Whats legal jobs are there for hackers that are well paid and decently friendly?

Im asking this question becuase im slowly starting to think about my future and what i enjoy in life i realize i dont have a passion for anything other then computers and diffrient ways of gainging access i have a wierd obbcession with a terminal.

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Good question!

Nearly every national government around the world is hiring hackers for cyber espoinage and cyber warfare. On the private side, penetration testers are in high demand. All pay VERY well.

Thanks for the fast reply but what are those jobs called where companies hire you ermmm. let me give a example
In Mr robot Elliot( i think thats his name) works for a company what kind of job was he on

Cyber security engineer.

His job is to defend the network, not hack it.

sorry made a little confusion but that job requires the same skills as a hacker right ?

Not exactly.

Hackers have much higher level skills. The cyber security engineer is there to stop attacks. They usually know little about how to attack. Elliot is unusual in that he knows how to hack, so that makes him much better at his job.

You're likely thinking about an Ethical Hacker. Something which, I myself, am aiming towards.

I want to essentially become an infosec auditor, eventually.


What's infosec auditor
Also what courses are you studying ?

I live in UK so I'm planning to take computer science would that be enough for a job as a penetration tester or another ethical hacking job ?

Is there on NullByte enough information to become a serious hacker (professionnal way) ? I know it's a great site but I don't know if there is enough and how it's hard to become Ethical Hacker, if we need certification, how hard are these ones, ...

I'm a kiddie (maybe less for now) but you are killers in this activity domain, aren't you ? :-)

There is definitely enough information here to pass the CEH certification exam, but you will need more than that to become a professional hacker.

Stick around here, study and ask questions and you will learn enough to become a pro hacker. Also, check out my article "How to Use Null Byte to Study to Become a Professional Hacker".

Definitely agree with occupy. I've been a member for only a short while but the articles in null ... wish I had it decades ago.

Regarding Elliot's job, a blue team or 'cyber guardian' does not necessarily need to know how to attack but its a whole lot o fun if u do. Srsly though some of the skills mention in occupytheweb's articles will aid in any of those paths, primarily offensive but most times an attacker may be the best defender

Ok I understand what I have to do ! Maybe I'll try to obtain this level and then pass the CEH !

I'll read your article ! Seems really interesting !

Thx guys !

Always cool to speak with you OTW !

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