Forum Thread: Just Found an Amazing Intel-Gathering Tool

It's called Email Hunter. The chrome extension searches a website for emails, which is pretty useful.

Just another tool in the ever-so-growing arsenal that we have here.

There was a post a while back on another intel gathering engine called "Censys" which I also recommend taking a look at. Have there been any new tools which have caught your attention?

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Great to see you're becoming a part of our community more, Jack.

I love the Firefox extension Lightbeam. It records all the websites you visit and reveals links between the websites and also hidden websites in a graphical map. Great for large-scale recon.

I will do a tutorial on it later.


Please do, sounds very interesting.

Can't wait either. But I would also like to know what came of the Electricity series Phoenix750?

Also you might also want to check out Recon-ng, it's also a recon tool, really might want to check it out

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