Forum Thread: Just Got Swatted...

Hi guys,

Well, I just got fully swatted. Not because I am a hacktivist online, not because I hack. No. It's because I trolled a kid on Minecraft.... (Yes. Fucking Minecraft.) Now anyways. It's been fun. I'm off for ever. I have to go to jury in a couple months. I might be on here though.... When the swat came, I was hacking into a server.... It didn't go well as I was hacking into a corrupt Banking Site & Government server. The cops came into my room.... They asked what I was up too. Of course they aren't IT people as they are of course just cops. But they noticed I was in a C99 shell via the URL of the Banking agency. ( I hadn't hacked the Israeli server entirely because Metasploit was still exploiting...) They didn't know what a C99 shell was, but the version clearly exposed a few things... To cut it short... Things aren't going well. My age is 16 and I'm probably done forever.... Not in the IT industry though. It's been fun...

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Good luck Overflow.

Thank for sharing that. It will be a fair warning for others on Null Byte

Oh dear. What were you doing hacking a banking company anyway?

I hope that everything goes good though. Kids are stupid, and swatting is illegal. If you can prove that he/she swatted you, then there will be consequences for them..

Well, Apple, I'm a very high-end 1337 haxor. I'm just kidding. I'm a pro-anti oppression sorta guy. The bank was corrupt and the owner of it needed to get caught. Oh. And I have that kids Credit Card, IP, everything.... I have nothing left to lose. He's getting fucked.

Dont u think theyll seize that??

And wow ur 16?? Thats like just wow... hats off brother... im 17 too... and im just starting to learn lol..

SWAT came into ur house... that wudve freaked out the whole family lol... remain anonymous brother..

Oh. Yeah. Well, my mom surely didn't like the gun pointed at her. My brother found em' sorta cool. I was sorta prepared. And yeah. 16. I started learning to hack at 10 because I found everything fascinating.

I didnt know about all this... but I loved my computer and all I could grt my hands on was games... but now I found this website... but I still cant leave that one game damn... league of legends... u wud know maybe... but I try to learn as much as I could cause I got a huge burden of exams and all... final high school year u know

That hack wud get u popular in school though haha really though

I hacked multiple games while at 14-15. Use cheat engine, it is a vastly great way to hack games. I use to love War Commander, I hacked that game multiple times!!!

Thats for offline games lol... u get bannes at online games. ..

No. Lolol Cheat Engine works! Yeah you get banned, but still.... :P

Cheat Engine just changes addresses... nothing special.

That is pretty cool, i wish i started good luck and you gotta teach me how you hacked that bank.. ;P And the rest of you better be careful too

The hack was extremely simple. I did multiple whois lookups on them. Found a subdomain vulnerable to ShellShock (Laughed my ass off). After found the ShellShock vulnerability, I exploited it. Found the websites were all connected. Logged on via a C99 shell, found passwords and more. Credit cards loaded. Found proof of the corruption, too. :)

Damn boy, you are 17 years. And already hacking bank accounts xD well done (y)
Well not that you got caught, but you're awesome! :D

P.s. Make some tutorials how to find vulnerabilitys on websites.

It's pretty easy. I've been studying for years. And, I'm going to be fine. (Not Kidding. Probably moving to Russia.)... But hacking banks is simple. Hacking Military Servers is simple. Hacking anything is simple... Just know your stuff...

Pls make some tutorials and explain. i would love to hear more about this :D

it's great you gonna be fine tho...guess I will be seeing more of you...

"You're so cool" is a tad exaggerative.... I'm just a young Grey hat hacker. My exploitations are basic, but work greatly. I could easily do a 0day. But it's best to keep life simple. 0days are for when there is no other way. Which there always is...And yeah. Lot's of me will be seen.... Thanks for the complement though. <3

NEWS: (Yes. The cops raided me.) They have bypassed my encrypted. They have found my Botnet.... (HOPEFULLY I FUCKING BYPASS THE JUSTICE SYSTEM AND GET A JOB AT THE FBI)


How are you still online? Didn't the police limit or block your Internet access? Usually when law enforcement comes in, the first thing they do is cut off your Internet access.

Yes. Indeed. I'm currently using my friends Phone...

Since when does swat do knock and talks in full gear?

Good idea to bring this one up, regardless of the legitimacy of this thread. A lot of newbies need to know that there are very real consequences to what we can do.

Actually, I'll be adding this to my newbie guide. Thanks for reminding me of this post, OTW.


He who is humble is confident and wise. He who brags is insecure and lacking.

I also doubt this is legitimate; his introduction thread states that he's 21 and looking at taking the Certified Ethical Hacker exam soon. An exam which requires at least 2 years in an Information Security position to even sit.


Yeah, I'm calling bullshit on this.

Last night someone called him out on blatantly plagiarizing a tutorial, kind of killing his credibility.

And then the next day he deletes the tutorial and also has what appears to be the most chill, civilized swatting in history. Oh, and he's a 16 year-old protege who is hacking the Israeli government, but whose opsec is so poor some kid on minecraft doxxed him.

Tutorial (since deleted) --

Original tutorial, published August 2014:

It did kinda look suspicious... but I left him alone. It looked like he tried to at least paraphrase it, but he didn't seem all that well-educated at first...

Apparently he didn't read my post. Too bad it's way in the back. :(

My parents sorta kicked me out for sometime... Staying at this 'Friends' house... And yes. I probably will be restricted internet access gor a couple of years as I keep logs of my chats. Highly encrypted though. They'll need to givee some sort of help in order to get them. Anyways.... I'm fucked. I've done more then just a 'Bank'. Ive had a few problems with DDoSing, too... Many govts and corporations.... Lets just say... I probably will be screwed. As for Ghost, indeed. I did lie. As I believe I would not be taken serious if I said I was "16 years of old"....

But now you're not being taken seriously because you lied.


Well, this is an idiotic view. People lie about age a lot. Especially in the cyber wold. I'm not saying it was right, I'm just saying... It is not a big deal. I have a few bigger problems...

I would probably deal with those problems rather than brag on an online forum.

I mean, that's if said problems exist at all.


Well, Ghost, I'm going to be honest. You're one of the most autistic persons I've met in my entire life. How the fuck would this count as a "Brag"???? No. Bragging would be not to get fucking caught and stay "Undoxable". That's what fucking bragging is. Now. If you're just dumb enough to assume that "Just got swatted. Got kicked out f my home. Living with a friend. Ain't got my laptop" is fucking bragging, then you're. Dark autistic gothic motherfucker.

Actually, I'm not autistic. I'm just not stupid.

You, however...

You should probably calm down. Nice attempt at social engineering, though.

Silly little script kiddie.


Beautiful, ghost_. ;)

We don't like liars. We don't hate you, but we would appreciate you not doing that anymore.

Agreed, we don't hate you.

However, I do not come onto this site to be verbally abused by some petulant child desperately seeking approval and praise from people online.

I've been coming here for a long time to help people understand what is being taught here and I will continue to do so.

So I would appreciate it if you never spoke to me in that manner again, Over Flow.


"I keep logs of my chats. Highly encrypted though. They'll need to give some sort of help in order to get them." "I'm fucked. I've done more then just a 'Bank'. Ive had a few problems with DDoSing, too... Many govts and corporations.... Lets just say..." Braggadocio...?..

But in the opening post you said they saw what you were doing and asked? The lid was open encryption open and you could not of unplugged or logged out if SWAT was looking at you with shattered doors and windows around you right? I'm just curious and all

Hey, gothic is cool alright?

Be this true or not, if I were doing stuff like this, I'd keep a keyboard shortcut to erase all my conversation logs and logs in general just in case.

If (thisPost === true) {
console.log("Good story, nice intentions, and bad luck getting caught. Good luck with the trial, dude.")
} else {

console.log("You don't have to lie about your age or make up stories to be liked, many people here are young and respected for what they know, not by how old they are")


Sorry if I offend anyone by saying this but: This sounds like a novel taken from "WarGames" and "Hackers".

Never the less this is good to keep something constantly in our minds: Be stealth (or has much you can be). Go trough the basic stuff again: mac address changing, using free/open (when not craked) WLAN rather then yours, "good" VPNs, ToR, keeping sensible data on a flash drive... And so on.

Stay good (and no that crap of Happy Hacking, it sounds like the old tutorials of Happy Hacker)

If you feel somehow underestimated or wanted to look good at people's eyes, Null Byte is all for it. But the way you tried to push it so far with this lies doesn't make you honor. The cover? Was over from the beginning, not even going to mentione any other contradiction. Not only this, you've also been tricking those users who initially tought you were legit. But who cares while you are behind a screen, right?

We all spend time to contribute to this dream, we'd like to be respected.
We are flesh humans too, a "sorry" would have been enough.

I saw that awhile ago lol.

-Grabs popcorn-

Hell yeah, finally some drama on this site :D
And I love it


Really...I believed it lol... I had trust on this community

For the most part, you can still trust the community.

However, we will always attract script kiddies, that's just a fact. After some time, you'll be able to spot them nearly straight away.


I believed it to until others caught on. Why say "Highly encrypted" and not just encrypted? one would assume you're using good encryption anyway and not 512 bit.

Yes, only a script-kiddie, poseur would say that.

So much of the story rung false. The fact that he was online right after being "swatted". Bragging about his exploits online where they could be used against him in court. Bragging about exploits that he obviously did not even understand.

In addition, everything he posted here on Null Byte is plagiarized.

ya know...I really trusted this guy. He said he was 21 on and taking an exam...then we found out he's 16. He posted a how to...then we found out he plagiarized.

To me, he seemed trustworthy before the plagiarism. After that, I began to have my doubts, but still respected him as a valued member to this community. Then I saw the swatting. I was worried, until he said he's 16. Honestly, I'm disappointed. Not only at him, but at myself for believing the things he said. As I'm sure many others here are as well. Disappointed, angry, upset. Because this is a trusted community. One that everybody felt comfortable with stating real things and coming up with new material for the community.

I mean, I'm 16 as well. I just started to truly learn about hacking. I straight up said I used to be a skidd, but nobody talked down to me for that. They were happy that I A.) admitted it, and B.) I'm interested in actually learning about hacking and the things that go on behind/because of it. I've never been talked down to or lied to directly by any member of the community, and I continue to show that same respect towards everybody here, as you should have as well. No, we don't hate you, but it will take time for you to earn our trust back.

Also, this shows a few valuable lessons. 1.) You can't hide things from hackers and forensic specialists. 2.) There's no point in lying, especially if you're going to be treated as an equal. 3.) Once you lie about something, you won't be trusted for a while. (if at all).

Well said, Appledash48 !

Let's keep this a safe and trusted community for everyone.

Agreed. Show respect for others in the community by being upfront and honest.

There is no shame in age or abilities (or lack thereof), if you're willing to learn, that's good enough for me.


I had my dounts as to how he was still using internet... and also no parent would kick u out of the house at 16 lol

idk about that lol. There are some pretty bad parents out there.

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