Forum Thread: Just Wondering if You Can Crack Wifi Without a Rooted Phone.I Have Kik Im Seriously Intrested,Like All This Stuff Yall N

Im way to poor to afford wifi and none of my friends live in my neighborhood im not tryna do anything wild i just want a strong wifi connection

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So basically, you want to hack your neighbor's WiFi because you can't afford to get your own?

Have you read the WiFi hacking tutorials here on Null Byte?

I have but i cant root my phone

Master OTW, I'm pretty sure we're getting trolled here. Somehow he has a house and a phone, yet he doesn't have wifi. Spacecadet23, do you have a linux based computer? If you install aircrack-ng and a couple other tools you should be able to hack wifi. BTW, hacking your neighbors wifi is illegal though.



I have a beats hp but cant install linux not a troll.Sorry if my grammar is a little off.and ive wanted to become a hacker just now finding the site.but i used a router keygen to get a weaker wifi connection just want a strong connection.Not tryna sniff documents just wanna be able to do my hw.

If you can afford a beats hp computer, surely you can afford a wifi connection?


I quite sure a Beats speaker-equipt computer meets the system requirements to install Linux distros...

Also, have you considered asking your neighbor if you could borrow their WiFi?

Because I think I remember someone saying that hacking WiFi (without permission) is not allowed...

And, since you are connecting to this website, I assume you have some sort of data connection?

Lol was a Christmas gift but im glad your entertained by my disadvantage

Instead of using the limited time of internet that you have to look for answers on this site, why don't you watch a 5 minute youtube video that explains the whole process of rooting a phone and then you can use your newfound knowledge and follow the tutorial on null byte to do whatever you want with it and therefore stops you and everyone else from wasting time.

You have a computer and a phone, and obviously some access to internet, thats all you need.

Thanks for the nice comment VOIDX. Exactly what I was thinking.


you could use dictionay attack to crack wifi, however it depends on the power of dict.

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