Forum Thread: Kali 2.0 Persistence Freezes

hi guys!, this is the thing.. i have kaly 2.0 on my 16gb usb stick.. sometimes iceweasel freezes and i have to kill the plugin-container daemon but sometimes (with or without plugin-contianer) kali freezes and i have to reset my computer... anyone knows why this happens?


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Kali 2.0 has a lot of bugs in it. I think you should just revert to Kali 1.0 until you are sure that the bugs are fixed....besides Kali 1.0 works great

Try to run the Kali linux in virtual box. This happening because your pen drive speed is ,maybe low (I am telling this from my personal experience ) the only solution is try to run your Kali linux from hard disk or fast speed pen drive.

thx guys

i have kali 2.0 installed on my harddrive and it's working fine

this is only happening with my pendrive...

i think i have found the problem..

when my computer freezes (with kali on my pendrive) i have to manually restart it (turn it off) .. then i've got a update message.. like an autoupdate (like Window$ .. i didn't knew that.. ) it seems that this autoupdate freezes my system. how do i turn it off? is this autoupdate really important? doing apt-get update/upgrade/dist-upgrade is not the same thing?

make sure if it's not the usb unplugs and causes the bug like what was my case

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