Forum Thread: Kali 2.0 Rolling Release

I read that Kali will now be a rolling release which means it will be upgrading packages frequently. This means the distro could break more than Kali 1.0 would now with the more frequent updates.

Is what i'm saying a possibility? it may not be like the Arch distro, but if there's chances for more frequent problems to it being a rolling distro then we should make frequent backups.

I'm personally waiting until moving onto Kali 2.0 until they sort through the problems with new things which is bound to happen it being new.

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3 Responses

Ahh the legendary arch "breaking". Maybe this was true for older versions of arch, but it has not happenned to me in at least a year now. Plus with basic linux knowledge you can easily "unbreak" your system or at least the solution is somewhere in the wiki most of the time.

Moreover, rolling release does not mean the packages won't be tested, and I think we can be pretty confident in the Offsec guys for the testing.

If you are running it as Virtual Machine ( I use VMware11) There is the option for the software to do incremental snapshots of the OS. So if I try something new and a screw up my OS, I can just roll it back to when it was last working. As someone who is still very new to Linux it has saved me a couple of times :)

That makes sense that they could test the distro before putting it out there, I should have thought of that. It's not like arch were everyone has a different distribution. Snap shots for virtual machines are also handy

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